2GIG Thin Door/ Window Contact

Hello, I just received 2GIG Thin Door / Window Contact sensors. I’ve watched a few videos on how to install the set up but I did not properly program the sensor. So now I have a sensor that reads as (open) when it’s actually closed. Need help to get this corrected.

Generally speaking with 2GIG if you have issues with sensors reporting incorrectly the first thing you should look at is the Loop number.

The 2GIG-DW10-345 uses Loop 2 for the internal reed switch. Loop 1 is for the wired input.

If you use the wrong loop number the panel will not receive correct open/close events.

I have it on the correct loop (2) and the panel is still picking up the wrong open/close events.

Double check the TXID on the sensor’s sticker and that in programming. When auto-learning it is possible to accidentally trigger the wrong zone and populating a different sensor’s ID. This is most likely when motion detectors are present.

Finally, be sure you have the correct equipment code. If you have an E-series panel, you must select the proper equipment code to differentiate between encrypted and non-encrypted sensors depending on which model of sensor you used.

The TXID sticker on the sensor and in the program are the same but I do have a E-series panel.

If you are programming a 2GIG-DW10-345 into a GC2e series panel the equipment code 0862. If this is an eSeries sensor, then it should be equipment code 2862