2gig Thin door/window contact not tripping system

I have a new 2gig gc3e system I am trying to set up. I have added two 2gig-dw10e contacts to the system and have enabled voice. Issue I am having is when I open the contact nothing happens. I did a walk test just to make sure sensors are set up properly and I can trip both sensors and I get voice with no problem. But when I break contact under normal condition I get nothing. Help!

To best assist can you provide the zone numbers or names for the two that you are having trouble with? Were these the first two zones you added? It looks like you may have added quite a few since then.

There are a handful of potential causes for the activity you describe.

Loop numbers, Partitions, and the overall panel volume sliders can affect chimes.

Figures out the issue, I was not using the correct equipment code for the eseries contact