2Gig Thin Door/Window Contact not responding

I purchased several 2Gig Thin Door/Window Contacts last November, and I think one of them has gone faulty. I noticed that the announcement didn’t work when the door was opened, so I replaced the batteries. About two weeks after replacing the batteries, the announcement stopped again, which I replaced with new batteries again.

After replacing with new batteries, the announcements would resume and then become intermittent and finally not announcing all day. This is one of the main doors that we use.

I was thinking that cold weather could possibly affect the sensor? But it’s inside the house and we also have the same contacts in the garage which is colder.

Any suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like it may be continually sending wireless signals and reporting status which would drain the battery very quickly. On a normal door the battery should last 3 year or more. You’re right, cold weather can affect the sensor but if it’s in a heated area then it should be fine. The minimum operating temperature on the 2GIG‐DW10‐345 is 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unless you’re constantly opening and closing the door, it needs to be replaced. If you bought it in November then it’s still under warranty so I’ll have someone reach out to you to replace the sensor.