2GIG Takeover on wired panel

My house is pre-wired but no control panel exists yet. I am going to install a VISTA-20P and put a TAKE-345 on it to monitor the wired sensors and tie into a 2GIG control panel.

My question is, do I need to also purchase a keypad for the VISTA-20P to program it first, before putting the TAKE-345 on?


No, the only thing you would be using the old panel for is power, battery back-up circuit.

The HPL624, even with a case and battery combo, is probably going to be a cheaper option, and does everything the Vista would be used for. The HPL624 can be found by itself for about 10-15 dollars.

If you already have the Vista, or are bringing it from another location, etc. you won’t need to program anything, no.