2GIG Takeover Module without battery backup

I have a number of sensors wired into a 2GIG-TAKE-345. The super switch is already being powered by an UPS that will provide at least 12hrs of backup battery in the event of a power outage. My question is this: Is there a way to suppress the low battery notifications on the Control Panel so that I’m not constantly getting a low battery notification on those sensors or is there a way to make the super switch work without having to install a battery charging module and backup battery?

You could try disabling sensor supervision for the zones on the super switch, but there is no guarantee that that will stop the low battery notifications. In addition, disabling sensor supervision will have the side effect of not getting any notifications should the device malfunction for any reason.

Other than that, there really isn’t a way around using a backup battery for the super switch.

There is an alternative to the 2GIG super switch takeover module. The resolution products RE208 is another wired to 2GIG wireless sensor converter and it uses AA backup batteries instead of an alarm panel & brick battery. That’s your best bet if you don’t have an existing panel with a battery and charger to work with. The only down side is that you have to use resistors with the RE208 and if your existing sensors already have EOL resistors of a different resistance buried in the wall that you can’t reach then it becomes difficult. That’s rarely the case though.