2GIG switch to DIY

I have a 2gig system that was installed by a technician a while ago, I’m assuming he worked for a dealer. I’m the IT person at this office and now responsible in getting certain equipment up and running.

I’m able to access the 2gig panel using the default installer code. Here’s my architect:

2 buildings (Main and Warehouse, the warehouse is roughly 150-200 feet away is the guesstimate)
Each building has 2 panels installed, Primary and secondary with various door, motion, glass break and smoke.

I’m new at this so I’m not sure if they’re all communicating to eachother, is there a way to find out?
Is it possible to takeover the systems and convert them over to a DIY?
If distance is an issue, is it possible to hardwire the warehouse to communicate with the Panel from the main building? If not, can both systems be under one account?

Luckily, using suretyDIY with an existing 2GIG panel is pretty straightforward. This page goes over everything you might need in order to get started.

Two primary panels would not communicate to one another. The 2GIG Go!Control does not support partitioning (independently armed sections of a building/other buildings).

The two primary panels would use one service account each.

The two buildings would then be separate accounts, but using multi-system access in Alarm.com you could link the two accounts together to easily switch between them when on the app and website.

A description of our service plans can be found here. You can purchase service plans with or without 24/7 monitoring. As the plans are month-to-month, you can change service level at any time.

Basically, for the two Primary panels, you would need a 3G unregistered communication module for each and a service plan. You will want to check the firmware to determine if it can support the modules and if you want/need to update.

If you already have communication modules, you can use this page to determine if the module is unlocked and capable of being set up with a new account.