2GIG SP1 Panel Button Beep?

My SP1 remote panel (f/w 3.1.3) has been in-service in “Access Point” mode for about nine months now. Recently I’ve noticed that when I tap the “Home” button (with LED indicator) - button on the bezel to the right of the screen - I hear two quick beeps instead of one. I seem to recall that when I installed the SP1, the Home button only beeped once when it was tapped. I asked my wife to tap the Home button and she also hears a two-beep response. This condition exists regardless of whether the button is Green or Red. When I tap the GC3’s equivalent Home button, there is one beep.

I’m worried that the two-beep button response (instead of one) is an early indicator of a worn or failing physical button.

Maybe related or not? – About three weeks ago and for the first time ever, I had to reprogram (reconnect) the SP1 to the GC3. Other than that one SP1 “disconnect”, the GC3’s Access Point mode has been rock-solid.
Otherwise, the SP1 is functioning normally.

What do you think?

My System: GC3 (f/w 3.1.3) with Verizon LTE registering 4 bars of signal strength, one SP1 (f/w 3.1.3) using Access Point mode, three PAD1s, and numerous 2GIG and Honeywell sensors.

I’m worried that the two-beep button response (instead of one) is an early indicator of a worn or failing physical button.

The side Home and Emergency buttons on the GC3 and SP1 are actually touch-sensitive buttons and do not require to be physically depressed.

They should only beep once if touched once, but it wouldn’t have anything to do with signaling and I wouldn’t take it as any overall sign.

One thing to try first would be to wipe the button with a soft cloth or tissue. Test with a finger touch and let your finger rest there. The light ring should turn off while the button senses touch. If it flickers and beeps more than once it means it is not sensing touch throughout.

If it doesn’t flicker, just the ring light goes off and still beeps more than once, it may be firmware or hardware related. Try updating to the latest firmware version, 3.2, and do the same test. Any change?

Thanks Jason - whew; glad to hear it’s likely not a hardware issue. I’ll try your recommendations tonight when I get home from work and report back via this post on results. Much appreciated!

Success, thanks to Jason. I’m back to one beep on my SP1 when the Home button is tapped. I followed Jason’s recommendations; first try to clean the button; that didn’t solve the problem. Then I tried the finger touch test to establish if the Home button had a hardware problem - performed as expected.

Next Jason suggested that I update the firmware from 3.1.3 to 3.2.0. I updated the GC3 and the update synced to the SP1. After the SP1 rebooted with firmware 3.2.0, the double-beep problem was resolved and I’m back to a single beep when the Home button is tapped, as expected.

Thank you Jason!