2GIG Smoke Detector

I have a smoke detector reporting "alarm reporting in the app. They system doesn’t show any errors. Can you please advise how to clear this? Also, I did like to test the smoke detector alarm and central station monitoring. Please advise how to proceed.

It looks like you had a smoke alarm event and the system is waiting for you to acknowledge it. Is there a yellow or red notification button on your 2GIG panel home screen? If so, press it and follow the steps to acknowledge the alarm. If not, please try arming and disarming the system from the Alarm.com app. Does that help clear out the notification?

To test you smoke detector with the central station, call the central station and ask them to put your account on test mode for a period of time. Then trigger a fire alarm by holding down the test button for 30 seconds or, even better, by using a smoke in a can. Then call the central station back and ask them if they received the smoke alarm signal.

Hi, no there is no error (yellow/red) notification. And I tried setting the alarm on/off. Please advise how to proceed.

Verify proper programming:
SMKT3: http://suretydiy.com/forums/topic/cant-get-base-off-smk3/#post-17381
SMKT2: http://suretydiy.com/forums/topic/2gig-smkt2-345/#post-20478

The smokes use led lights for diagnostic. Count the blinking.
For SMKT3 See: http://suretydiy.com/forums/topic/smoke-detector-malfuntion-question/#post-16650

(for SMKT2 only) Press and hold the test button for 4 seconds and the LED will flash between 1 and 9 times. 0 to 1 flashes means the unit is unserviceable and should be reset and tested again. If the issue persists than replace it. 2 to 3 flashes requires a cleaning of the sensors to remove any dust that is blocking the sensors. 4 to 7 flashes requires no action since the sensor is working perfectly. Lastly, if the detector is too sensitive it will flash 8 to 9 times.

For proper testing of smoke alarms/detectors and verification with Central station of signals received.

Call: 800-879-1438
Place system on test for say 2 hours

Don’t rely on the “Test” button to verify proper operation of your installed smokes. The detector can completely fail in event of a fire, but test operational with the button.
See: http://suretydiy.com/forums/topic/testing-your-smokes-with-pish-button-your-devices-may-fail-in-a-fire-alarm-even/

For a proper functional smoke alarm/detector device test:
Use canned test smoke to properly test device.

Smoke test:

I think we got this fixed. Can you confirm?

Yes, looks good. Thank you! What was the issue?

A status message was stuck and we had it cleared out. I don’t know why it was stuck.