2gig smoke detector install

Hi, I just got a 2gig smoke detector and leaned it into the system using your video.

I think I did it correctly, I created 3 zones for smoke, heat and Freeze. I tested by hitting the test in the smoke detector and the alarm went off at the panel.

The only problem is that when I arm the system is says the “freeze detector” is “open” and it overrides it when arming.

Any ideas? Does the detector just not have a freeze detector and I need to delete it?


Looks like the sensor does indicate it is below temp threshold currently. I assume that is not the case.

If you have 24/7 CS monitoring, verify your account is on test, or place it on test by calling the CS, then press and hold the test button on the detector until the panel indicates alarm. Disarm panel. Does the sensor continue to show open for that loop?

Thanks, I am not sure how, but that fixed it…