2GIG Smoke Detector Alarm no Fire

Can you tell me why? I was home at the time. The fire department came and all. No fire. I. Changed both detectors about 2 months ago. I have NEVER had a false arm before. But I don’t know what detector triggered it. I have 2 smokes

Can you tell me what detector it was? The panel was not helpful at all in letting me know.

More than happy to assist!

The sensor that created the alarm is labelled “Heat Fire Detector”. The only other smoke detector I can see is mislabeled as “Basement Carbon Monoxide Detector”

There are a few reasons as to why a smoke detector could produce a false alarm. Low battery, loss of supervision, cooking etc. Let me ask a few questions:

Just prior to the smoke alarm event the “Heat Fire Detector” reported a tamper. Had this unit been moved or serviced at that time? Is the unit attached to its base correctly? (sitting flush with the mounting bracket) if not, this could cause a tamper.

What Brand and Model Smoke detector do you have?
You mentioned this is a new smoke detector, what is the use by date on the unit itself?
How far away from the panel is the smoke detector in question?
How far away is the smoke detector from the kitchen?
What is the use by date on the batteries and were they fresh when installed?

On another note, these detectors should be renamed to something more descriptive, such as their install location and what type of sensor they are i.e. “Basement Smoke Detector” In the event of an emergency, proper labeling can help direct emergency dispatch more appropriately.

I think my 2gig panel is malfunctioning . I bought both detectors from you guys 2 months ago. I can’t see how is triggered a tamper. Its securely installed. I’m a carpenter by trade.

I will rename the smoke detectors as upstairs and down. I’m worried why there was a tamper reported before the smoke was triggered. I was just sitting on the couch not cooking nor do I smoke in the house.

can you trigger reboot of the panel?

Heat Fire Detector End of Tamper 2:58 pm, Apr-4-2017
Heat Fire Detector Fire Alarm 2:58 pm, Apr-4-2017
Heat Fire Detector Tamper 2:58 pm, Apr-4-2017

the tamper had to be false. the detector is mounted on the ceiling 20’ from any source of smoke and fire. I have never had a false fire alarm since I installed the system 6-7 years ago.

the tamper had to be false. the detector is mounted on the ceiling 20′ from any source of smoke and fire. I have never had a false fire alarm since I installed the system 6-7 years ago.

Something to check, the SMKT3 can be over-tightened. Check to make sure the single alignment ridge along the rim is lined up on the base and detector. If it is off, that might account for tampers.

We can send a panel reboot of course, I’ve sent one now for you, but the panel only transmits to Alarm.com signals sent by sensors locally. Any false alarm of a sensor will ultimately have a source at the sensor itself. It is possible that the SMKT3 simply malfunctioned if the mounting is secure and lined up properly. If you would like us to check, please post a photo of the detector close up where it is mounted.

If that is the case and it looks like the sensor has malfunctioned (especially since the tamper alert and alarm occurred simultaneously more or less), you’ll want to have that particular sensor replaced. If it was purchased within a few months it would of course be under warranty. You can find our warranty policy here.

thanks Jason you guys are great ! when installing the detector I had a bit of trouble lining up the tabs. But it seems solid and lined up. but why would a tamper trigger the smoke to go off? should it not just trigger a tamper like when I change the batteries on my image sensor?

A tamper, as in the tamper switch being released due to the sensor being removed from the backplate, should only cause a tamper alert, correct.

If a physical issue of some kind is present on a sensor, it is difficult to say what else may be internally affected. Say a door sensor is dropped and the cover latch cracks. You may have tamper alerts, but additional problems are possible.

With the way the smoke detector is built it is pretty unlikely that this is anything other than a sensor malfunction, but it’s always a good idea to check for physical problems if a tamper is included. Damage or internal pressure on the sensing element or circuit board can cause issues.

Warranty policy link is here.

I’ve been doing some reading and I do smoke e cigarettes in my home. I watched and read some videos that its possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbWUJxGp-44

thought I was no where near it and I have a low power e cig. the tamper is whats making me wonder. Im out of the 30 day warranty. ;-(

Product warranty is not the same as the return period. Products may be returned for refund within 30 days if they meet the criteria. The warranty period for product defects on an SMKT3 is 1 year.

thanks Jason