2GIG SMKT3 detector keeps failing dirty

Howdy Everyone,

Well in my office I keep having a detector that fails about every six months. There is a ceiling fan in there that operates 10-12 hours a day every day. There is no dirt on the surface of the detector. I replace the batteries, blow it out with air try to fire it back up and same thing. Flashes every 8 seconds and mad wont work. I have not tried to relocate the detector yet, but…location of supply air vents in that room and vaulted ceiling limits location of detector.

Has anybody taken the detector apart to clean? I am about to try…

You shouldn’t disassemble the sensing element if that is what you are referring to. A vacuum or air canister can be used to blow across the sensor openings.

Where is the detector in relation to the fan?

If it is very close, it is possible that some dust is being kicked up and blown into the element. Moving the detector would be the best test.

If it persists with the detector in a new location, that detector should be replaced for safety.