2GIG SMKT3-345 Smoke Alarm Issues

After learning all 3 portions of two smoke detectors, they still flash yellow every 4 seconds and beep every 48 seconds. On one, I was able to learn it into the system by triggering it. The other failed that repeatedly and had to be added via manual serial number input. Both were added across 3 zones, reflecting loops 1-3 to link their various functions.

When performing a walk test, I was unable to trigger the smokes. The panel lists them as there, but pressing the test button on the smoke detectors or twisting the units from their base will not trigger the link. And, inexplicably, one unit has gone off signaling a fire three times, even when the batteries were removed.

The units are brand new, clean, and batteries meter at nearly 1.6v DC. I have attempted to pair and test them while within 6 feet or less of the 2GIG console, so RF signal is not an issue.

These appear to be the weak link in 2GIG’s system. I’m at a loss over how to proceed, short of removing them from the system.

Are these used smoke detectors or were they purchased new?

The yellow flash every 4 seconds and beep every 48 seconds is the smoke detector reporting a fault. The fault can be triggered by the photo-electric sensor being too dirty. Like and photo-electric smoke detector, it will get dirty over time as impurities in the air (dust) accumulate. At a certain point, the smoke detector too dirty to function properly and needs to be cleaned or replaced. The reason your smoke detector triggered an alarm out of nowhere is most likely due to the numerous impurities collected in the sensor.

I would suggest trying to clean the photoelectric sensor on the smoke detector. Unfortunately, there isn’t a great way to go about cleaning the smoke detector as the device doesn’t come apart. You can try using a vacuum cleaner or canned air to get the dirt out of the sensor.

Give that a shot and let me know what happens.

Hello Jay,

The smoke detectors are NEW, unused, from sealed boxes. I can blow them out with compressed air and/or vacuum, but I fail to see why they should be contaminated when they are new. I’ve had to clean smoke alarms in the past, ridding them of dust and more often spider webs.

I feel the fact I could not trigger them on a walk-test has something to do with the panel’s inability to recognize their signals.

If they are new, then they should not be contaminated. It would not be unheard of to have a faulty unit, but if (and forgive me if I misunderstand) both smoke units are behaving this way, I’d suspect something else is at play. Have you yet reached out to the company from which the units were purchased?

The units are from two different vendors. If this type of smoke detector is working properly, what happens to it when powered up, but not yet paired with the system? Does the “Loss of Supervision” light and beep activate? That is exactly what these are doing. Then, after learning them in via serial number input, they exhibit the exact same behavior. So is it not possible that this is a function of system recognition? I am not seeing the 8 second yellow flash, but rather the 4 second. The install guide mentions the 8 second as indicative of a dirty sensor.

The entire system went in almost without a hitch until the smoke debacle. I should mention I did have a faulty controller unit that I sent back after Scott and I could not get it to activate. The screen was inoperable. However, I do agree that two smoke units from two different suppliers should not be dirty or fail the same way. Perplexing!

I’ve got a smoke sitting on my desk right now that isn’t paired with any panel. All that happens is a green light blinks every 10 seconds but there is no beeping. What happens when you remove the devices from the panel? Do they still show the yellow fault light or do they go back to flashing green. I think the light only cares about the physical status of the so I’m not certain that anything would necessarily change when they are removed, but it would be worth testing.

I’ve worked with numerous 2GIG smoke detectors and I’ve never seen the problems you’re describing. That being said, I have seen smoke detectors that simply refuse to communicate to the panel and won’t learn in. It’s very rare and I don’t think I’ve seen one within the last year or so, but it does happen.

If the light never gets back to a single green blink every 10 seconds, I’d say there’s something wrong with those detectors.

In classic technology form, after cleaning out both detectors, one now works! It enrolled and seems fine. Brand new but dirty? Or, perhaps it was simply the act of de-powering and restarting again that did it. The other still blinks yellow and beeps. Hopeless. I will send the faulty unit back. At least one works.

Thanks for your time and assistance. Your videos rock, and you folks are most helpful. I’m really happy I stumbled upon suretyCAM!

You might want to also check programming to make sure each is installed/programmed properly. (On smkt3 each detector is actually three indiviually programmed sensors, and if you dont do it right, they wont work right, and will report faults).Each loop must be programmed as an individual senor zone. I.e., zone 20 Loop1 smoke, zone 21 loop2 heat, zone 23 loop3 freeze…

Did all of the above, one unit was simply defective. Sitting on a desk powered up, but un-paired, the detector flashed yellow and beeps while the other one I cleaned flashes green and is silent. A new one is on the way.

Did you do a panel test and check signal? How many bars do you have for each installed detector?

A brand new in the box detector should not report as faulting/being dirty…if they do, something is wrong, or its not new, and I personally would replace them all (all the ones that faulted/required cleaning)

If you don’t, they will most likely fail prematurely, or lose sensitivity, and malfunction.

The last thing you want is a smoke detector to fail in event of fire, or false when you are away and have the Fire Dept roll to your home (alot will charge hefty operating cost fees/fines…$50 or higher. To roll a fire truck is very very expensive)

Look at bottom of detector for a date (a new detector will be dated end of 2013/2014)…these smokes have an EOL of approx 10 years

3 year old smkt2:

PS…here is how to properly test a smkt detector on 2GIG (to test the heat zone use a hair blow dryer)

(Call system out place on test with central station, enter walk test on panel)

Using canned smoke or smoldering wick/candle, test smoke
Note- if smoke test fails to activate detector, you will need to replace it: