2GIG SMKT2-345

Anybody knows what is the trick to learn in this smoke/heat detector into 2GIG panel? I tried everything and still no luck. When trying to test detector, panel doesn’t seem to recognize it. I have two of them and tried with both. Same thing. I have another SMKT3 and everything went fine when I registered it with panel. I followed instructions on 2GIG forum on how to install it.

I have smkt2’s. Three of them. They are not hard to program.

To properly test (panel test mode) use Compressed aerosol smoke detector test smoke, and hair dryer to test Rate Of Rise heat (do not apply direct/continious heat, and use low heat setting).

or hold in test button for approx. 30sec. Note that holding in test button doesn’t actually test the functionality of the device, and it may fail in the event of a fire if you do not properly test it and make sure it functions.

$10 on eBay/amazon

Either tamper it when in learn mode, or manually enter the serial.

I wrote that 2GIG Forum programming “HowTo”.

If it isn’t working for you, you are either doing it wrong, or equip/sensors are defective. The chances of multiple sensors being defective is slim to none, which suggests improper install/programming.

Smkt2 are single loop for both smoke and heat (loop1)

How are you testing the detector? Are you using canned smoke to set off the alarm? Are you holding down the test button? The test button will only tell you the detector is communicating with your alarm panel, and you will need to hold it down through multiple local annunciation cadences.

Thanks guys.
I am trying to test it by holding the button on detector pressed for 4 seconds as it says in the instructions. I have not test it with smoke in the can because I couldn’t get the panel to recognize detector when I press and hold the test button on smkt2. So rive, you said I have to hold the test button depressed longer, for 30 sec? I got these on ebay and I thing they might be refurnished. If so do I select new as Equipment age?
Thanks again,

Yes “new” is fine. (as it is a new device on your panel). Doesn’t matter where you bought it or if it is new or used.

I only would use “existing” if say you had a SMKT3 and programmed all three zones (loop1 new equip, loop2 and loop3 existing equip).

Thanks rive. So hold button pressed for 30 sec to test?

It doesn’t quite take 30 seconds for the signal to be registered at the panel, but it does take longer than four. You will know as your panel siren will kick on and announce fire.

Thanks Jason. The SMKT2 siren kicks in after 4-5 seconds, so I guess I have to keep it pressed longer.

The smkt2 doesn’t have a siren… its a cadence sounder … the panel alarm sounder is what Jason is referring to (similar to what you hear when armed away, or delay entry)

See this video for testing a SMKT2

Thank you much!