2GIG-SMKT2-345 Low Battery and Loss Of Supervision will not go away

My 2GIG-SMKT2-345 said low battery. Change the batteries to brand new ones and it was really hard to line up the arrows and get it to mount. I had to really make sure the battery cover was seated correctly and eventually got it seated.

this was at 10PM or so. At 1:28 AM or so, I got an alert that there is loss of supervision. At 3:16 AM i get a low battery alert. When I check my actual panel, on the main screen there is no notification. If i push the green “security” button it has the yellow alert icon, which shows both of those alert. I acknowledged those at around 6:13 AM but there are still there and it is 6:46

I have not received an alert on my ADC app that the detector is back online.

When swapping the batteries of an SMKT2, make sure to leave the batteries out and the device unpowered for a minute. The SMKT2 requires at least 30 seconds between power down and power up. (Located on a sticker on the inside.)

That should resolve the issues you are seeing.

So basically, follow directions?? ha ha

I saw the sticker stating that just now. To my defense I am middle aged and its hard to see

It’s not an obvious thing to think of. Not ashamed to say I’ve done the same thing more than once. :slight_smile:

It fixed it for a while. Now I am getting a loss of supervision and malfunction alert

Says loss of supervision in my panel, malfunction on the ADC app

Those are the same. ADC will report malfunction when loss of supervision occurs.

Press the test button on the SMKT2. Any change?

Pressing the test button cleared it for now