2GIG Signalling Errors

Our alarm system has recently been giving a radio failure or error. But when I did a cell test last night, it seemed to work fine. The alarm went off yesterday because we triggered the alarm by entering our house. We then entered our code on the main console which disarmed the system. Apparently, the dispatch center did not get the signal that system was disarmed. They thought it was a crash and smash. How should I address the radio signal error? Thanks.

This account appears to be using a 2G module currently. Overall, you will want to consider upgrading to a 3G module for improved connection and reliability.

That said, it does appear there was an acute decline in signalling recently on your system. Your signal status is hovering around the single digits, but only a couple weeks ago was much stronger. This may be due to the carrier working on its local infrastructure, or it could be your module itself. One good thing to try would be to completely power down the panel for a full 2 minutes (unplug transformer first, then unplug battery.) Then, after 2 minutes, power it back up (battery first, then transformer.)

When you power it back up, wait a minute then send a cell phone test. You can check the radio signal status, has this improved?

A single digit 2G cellular signal… that is intermittently losing connectivity. That’s a recipe for disaster.

By the end of next year, AT&T 2G is scheduled to go completely offline/sunset nationwide.
…and tmobile is already actively refarming 2G/EDGE to LTE 900mhz nationwide.

Sounds like its time to get a 3G module and/or a BRDG1