2Gig should we be concerned?

Based on the information you (Surety) insiders hopefully have, is 2Gig doing ok? I am concerned about the lack of a secondary panel for the GC3 and Internet based alerting. According to the article on CEPro, the GC3 panel was unveiled 4/2014. We are quickly approaching 2 years later and still missing a couple of what I consider to be pretty basic features.

I hope my worry is all for not, however, if the GC3 is a dead platform better to get out in front of it now.


The GC3, like the Go!Control, and like other manufacturer panels, follows a development schedule.

For reference, the 2GIG Go!Control Panel and the TS1 had around a 2-year release gap. (When 2GIG only had the one panel to focus on)

The GC3 is, as of the time of this writing, right around 1 year after release. And keep in mind the GC3 is not a replacement panel. The Go!Control (GC2) still has active development.

Development of peripherals like the secondary keypad naturally require insight into the market penetration of the primary panel. While I agree and was hoping for an early release of one, doing so at the same time as the primary would only divert resources and result in reduced support for both.

I understand the desire for the features mentioned. We are excited for their release soon, and I am personally a bit impatient for the Wifi support. I’m looking forward to the reduced latency for commands. However, the sky is not falling. :wink:

We’ve been hearing rumors that the secondary should be ready soon. However I wouldn’t hazard an ETA.