2gig setup help; no more vivint

Hello I hope this is the right place to post this. We’ll like a lot of other home owners I was lied to. I had some guys knock on every door on my street claiming resent break ins they were out assessing systems. They installed risk free I even had 1 week to cancel. We’ll up and behold right after they left I set down and read the contract and it clearly said 3 days. Then that’s when I got online and saw all the complaints. I did end the contact the next day. Vivint called and said a tech would come and get it. Well it’s been 2 years and I assume they abandon it by now. So long story short I’m running v1.8.3. I know I’m have to upgrade the 3G chip. I just need make sure when it’s register would they be able to unlock the installer toolbox configuration? I’m thinking about using suretydiy.

This video may be helpful for people in a similar situation, but it sounds like you already know that you’ll need to upgrade the firmware and replace the module. Check with the company you plan to purchase your cellular module from, to ensure you understand their policies on the module. At suretyCAM security and automation, we believe that once you have purchased equipment, it is your to do with as you please. This check will give you the current status of your module. If you get service through suretyDIY (regardless of whether you buy your equipment from us), part of the account set up will involve pushing through commands that reset your Q44 and Q45 so you can adjust your programming as desired.

Any 2GIG panel can be unlocked via alarm.com backend to give unrestricted installer (system configuration) access.

How to takeover/unlock a Vivint/other 2GIG panel and switch panel monitoring to another provider:

What do I need?

I checked the status and I’m good on both Att and Verizon where I live. I like the $27 deal per month. And yes if I do go somewhere else I want to keep it unlock. So basically I just order the vivout deal?

Yes… Along with the 2G GSM7 module, you may also want to replace the transceiver. Get the XCVR2

  1. Where do I start? Vivout deal?
  2. Where is suretydiy official polices and procedures? Hidden fees?
  3. My current system is; 2gig go control, 3 door sensor, 1 motion, 1 carbon dioxide detector. I also plan on using a keyless key pad deadbolt set. My question is will I be limited to how many sensors?
  4. What’s the number of monitoring activity I will be able to see? Or will I be able to see activity all the time.
  5. Like vivint; is there a app to control everything?
  6. If I decide to not use it would I need to do anything? Any fees? Cancel in writing?
  7. Will I be on auto pay as soon as I order?
  8. Basically the system will be set up to be used with the lock so when we leave I want it to automatically be armed. And when we unlock it will automatically disarm. I also want to view and monitor activity via iPhone. In the near future add lights and heat/air controls. Will suretydiy be able to do all this?
  9. Are there any price increases in the future?
  10. Would I receive any letters to show my home insurance and to get discounts on insurance?

Get the vivout, then go to link above it tells you what you need to do to “takeover the vivint panel” (reply #4979)

You realize its a DIY service? You have to add your own lights/tstat/sensors/gear yourself, and set your own rules and scenes for zwave automation? Empower rules can be set to disarm system with lock disengaged.

You have a very basic, limited, starter system (retails for approx $300 new)

The app is alarm.com. ADC provides the backend remote interactive services. (Same as Vivint, your UI will be identical to what you had with Vivint)

$27/month Incudes 10 activity monitored sensors via app (you have 5), image sensors, empower home automation, etc

Panel supports 240+ networked empower/zwave devices, 48 wireless sensor zones, etc

"$27.95/month2month- Gold Interactive, 24-7 CS monitoring, 2-way voice, crash and smash protection, panel weather/sever weather alerts, remote access arm/disarm alarm.com, empower zwave home automation (HVAC/tstat, lights, locks), image sensors, geo location services

add $3 for Energy Feature/Metering (emPower Smart Energy Plus)
add $5 for Cameras (50mb/storage, 250mb max uploads limit per month, up to 5 Cameras, $5 per additional 250mb storage/monthly upload limits)
UL Listed, IQ Certified, CSAA Five Diamond Certified Central Station (Monitoring Americia CO-OP)"

There is no cancelation fee, and you can cancel anytime (no contract)

  1. https://suretyhome.com/faqs
  2. Yes.
  3. We support everything on the Alarm.com website.
  4. Yes.

Looks like everything else was covered above.

Thanks for all the info. If any admins could help get everything answered I can complete my order. Just a few more. And yes I plan on doing it all my self.

  1. What’s the number of monitoring activity I will be able to see? Or will I be able to see activity all the time.

  2. If I decide to not use it would I need to do anything? Any fees? Cancel in writing?

  3. Are there any price increases in the future?

  4. How long does activation process normally take?

  5. If something goes wrong can I return and get refund?

  6. Can this be wired with my dvr? Maybe turn a certain cam on when it’s triggered?

I really appreciate all the help.

  1. 10, unless you pay for more (but as previously posted above you have 5, only 4 of which are activity monitorable)
  2. you just cancel (as previously posted, can cancel anytime, no fees/no contract)
  3. According to Amanda, no increases at this time projected
  4. Couple minutes?
  5. My understanding is only for DOA/defective equipment
  6. No (but it can be done with ADC cameras, requires video add-on, and image sensors, which are included, and do not require video add on)

Thanks again for quick reply.
14. So the 2 hardwire can’t be used for dvr? Or is this for a siren?
May have to play around with it. Like I said before I’ve had this for so long and probably been setting and wasting.
15. Just looking at all my options; anyone else found the 3G chip and USB cord anywhere else cheaper? On this deal at suretydiy all I see is a few free yard signs and stickers.
16. Do I need update my firmware first or change the 2g for 3G?

Did you not read that post I linked earlier? I suggest you read it…http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/3-How-To-takeover-a-2GIG-vivint-panel-(or-any-locked-panel)-or-switch-monitoring

  1. No
  2. No
  3. Yes

Yes. I’ve been reading for days on anything I can find. Seems all and all this could be the one. I’m just curious living in ms would I have good response time? Does anyone know the number of cs suretydiy have?

We’ll after 2 failed attempts to buy ill just have to figure something else out. PayPal would of been so much better and secure.

Response time is solely dependent on your local 911. You provide the alarm 911 contact info for your locality, and CS calls them in alarm event/emergency.

CS is listed in post #4988. Just Google it for more info

So where exactly do you find local emergency 911 numbers? Guess I messed that part up. Where would alarm companies get that kind of info and would it be the same number for fire and medical?

Ask your police and fire department for the 10 digit direct phone number to call for emergency dispatch. If they refuse to give it to you then give us the regular phone number posted on their website.

Can I change the info at time of order and how? 24/7 cs ?

When you place your order, you’ll be taken to a survey through which you’ll submit the needed information. You are more than welcome to make changes, for example to your call list, zone list, etc. later by reaching out to us.