2Gig Sensor Status

We have a window sensor ‘Guest Room Window 2’ which has an inverted status showing open. Can you please refresh the equipment list to see if that straightens it out?

Is the sensor showing open on the panel? Or is the status closed on the panel but open in Alarm.com?

2GIG sensor status cannot be polled by the panel. The sensors report to the panel when a change occurs to the sensor.

If you open and close that sensor, does the status resolve?

If the panel shows the wrong status for a sensor, this is typically due to one of two things:

  1. The sensor is having trouble signaling and its last status change was not received by the panel. This could be an issue of range, battery, environment, etc. I would try replacing battery.
  2. The sensor has a physical issue preventing the reed switch from closing. Check alignment of the magnet and sensor. The magnet must be lined up close to the reed switch location on the sensor. If the surface is metal it can impact the magnetic gap distance.

If the sensor opens and closes reliably when you take it off the surface it is mounted to and just hold it nearby, but cannot close reliably on the surface, I would try reorienting the sensor.

If you have continued issues with this sensor please post a photo of the sensor in a closed position, we can check for any potential issues.