2gig scenes with alarm.com

I have just signed up for the gold diy plan and am looking for “how to” for setting up scenes for thermostat automation via alarm.com as well as via android phone. Is there a written procedure or other user guide?

The best place to get started with automating thermostats via Alarm.com is to log in via the website and go to emPower → Thermostats. In the upper right corner there is a “?” button that shows you text documentation and a video camera button that shows you a video tutorial.

If you’re looking to use 2GIG scenes and Alarm.com emPower at the same time, it’s not currently possible. Please see this post for more details on Alarm.com scenes.

Alarm.com is currently developing a more complete scenes feature that I expect will be released via the website this year. - hopefully sooner rather than later.