2GIG Rely?

I currently have a GC2 system from Surety that’s working very well. I am looking into an alarm for a second home for which a simpler system would be sufficient. I saw the new Rely but can’t find much info. Other than the touchscreen panel, what is the Rely missing? Also, is the cell module built into the Rely? Can I activate through Surety? Thank you.

The 2GIG Rely is unfortunately not yet compatible with suretyDIY as it does not have a compatible Alarm.com cellular communicator version at this time. We do not know if there are plans to add this compatibility. We will see if Alarm.com can provide any additional info and update.

Currently afaik the Rely is only supported by Securenet providers.

The Rely only supports up to 16 sensors to my knowledge and I do not believe it supports automation devices at all, so it would be strictly used for small alarm systems. Also, if I recall correctly there is only an AT&T model currently.

Thank you Jason.

Certainly. I’ve actually heard back from Alarm.com and at the current time there are no plans in place for adopting the Rely yet.