2GIG Recessed Door Sensor and Sensitivity

I’ve been having some service issues with LiveWatch and and am researching a plan to dump them, send the equipment back, and migrate to a 2GIG cellular system with SuretyDIY. As part of my research, I have a question regarding the 2GIG Recessed Door Sensors.

The Recessed Door sensors - my older door has a small gap between the door and the frame. I’ve seen that some door sensors that you stick to the door and frame have a distance requirement of 0.4 inches and with my dimensions, I’m right on the edge of that since the frame has a fancy charm of a design.

I noticed that the reed sensitivity claims a 0.6 minimum gap. Does anyone know what the minimum gap is between the recessed door sensor and the magnet for the 2GIG solution? Do they have to be right on top of one another? Can there be a small gap?


Magnetic gaps are often stated in confusing terms unfortunately, what that minimum/typical means is the sensor will work up to a possible gap of at least 0.6125 inch (5/8 of an inch) but the majority of sensors of that model will allow up to 0.85 inch, depending on the installation and materials.

So that means the gap can be anywhere from 0 to 5/8 inch, possibly almost 7/8, depending on the scenario.


Thanks for your reply.

I’m glad to see that the 2GIG systems offer recessed door sensors. I’m a little disappointed with the QOLSys solution that they haven’t though far ahead enough with offering recessed sensors. I’m sure there may be ones out there, but it’s a hell of a thing to learn after the fact.

Given the IQ Mini Door sensors only offer a 0.4 inch gap, I have ordered the Resolution Products Nanomax Door Sensor to see if the 0.4 inch gap that I currently have between the frame and door results in better success. I’ll see if I can make it work since it offers a wider gap up to 1 inch.

Regardless, I’ll be coming to SuretyDIY. You guys must have great luck with getting folks coming off the Vivint, LiveWatch, and Frontpoint trains. Your service has been awesome as well. Thank you in advance for the awesome support. It already resulted in a purchase, possibly with more to come.

Always happy to help!

The Nanomax also has about the slimmest magnet I’ve seen, which can often fit in situations where a standard sensor magnet is ill-suited.