2GIG Recessed Door Contact (2GIG-DW20R-345)

I have a 2GIG Recessed Door Contact (2GIG-DW20R-345) that the battery keeps dying. On the 3rd battery in a couple of months. Is it possible the sensor is bad and should just replace it? I have two others and have not had two replace one battery in them.

Might want to RMA it. The lithium batteries should last approx. 5 years.

There are a couple possible reasons.

1: The sensor may be reporting an inordinate amount. Does this door see extreme usage? Do you notice excess open/close or tamper messages from the sensor? Does the sensor otherwise function normally?

2: The sensor itself may be bad or stuck transmitting.

Please note the special policy on the DW20R Page.

Does this door see extreme usage?

I myself have multiple DW20R sensors, and the front door which has a DW20R, Is constantly opened and closed all day long, everyday (kids)… the batteries are the original from 2011.

They should last 5 years on the average.

The DW20R is covered by a 2GIG factory manufacturer warranty (2 years) against defect. You will need to Contact 2GIG (or go through the Dealer you purchased from) to facilitate the warranty claim replacement.

You will also likely need your proof of purchase.

2GIG contact info in in PDF