2gig Power

I’m thinking about purchasing a 2gig system and installing it myself. My one hesitation is power to the panel and touchscreen keypad. There isn’t an outlet where I want to install the panel, and even if there was, my wife doesn’t like the aesthetics of the power module in a plug, even if the wire is run through the wall.

My question: can I connect into power from a nearby light switch (is the system 110V), or do I need to make it lower voltage? Somewhat of a novice here…


You can’t power directly on 110V. Its powered off of 14V DC. Running a wire to the basement or a laundry room and plugging it in there is the most cost effective way to hide the transformer.

aesthetics of the power module in a outlet (run wire around to buttom of box, and tape it with electrical) for a nice clean look.

Kinda looks like a “plug in” air freshener…

That doesn’t necessarily solve the problem with an outlet not being directly below the panel. I may just install a sunken outlet, then mount the panel over the outlet so you never see the wires: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002W6ZOR4/ref=pe_385040_121528360_TE_dp_1. Hopefully the power module fits in that box.

The transformer does not appear that it would fit in a recessed outlet of that kind with a panel mounted over it.

Are you unable to take the wire into a basement or attic? Often it’s possible to go straight into the garage if there’s no other option, as mounting near a garage entry door is common.

You dont need outlet directly below panel.
Try running the wire through drywall to outlet. Its not hard. Get 18/2 or 18/4 guage unshielded.

A keyhole saw (to create a wire trench)
Dap drywall patch

Cut trench with keyhole saw, push wire into “trench”, then Patch it, paint it…and it was like you never ran wire/cut drywall

I’d like to use one power supply for two panels. The 2GIG main panel and TS1 (smaller panel). I bought 18AWG wire and plan an 80 ft run for the main panel and about 65 ft run for the TS1.

Is it possible to use a single power supply with both wires attached going to the 2 different panels? Or will I have to use two separate panels for the two wires? I noticed in the instructions as long as i have 11 V DC at the panels I should not get a low voltage nuisance warning.

To the original poster: Not sure if this would interest you but if your Panel has a barrel connector female socket on back you can use the “2GIG-AC2-PLUG” and the “2GIG-CP-DESK” and use it on a desktop or counter top (Almost like you’d see a cordless phone or etc). No holes to be cut or wires to be run. If your panel does not have a barrel connector you can still use the “2GIG-CP-DESK” and the traditional power adapter with the 2Gig Go Panel just isn’t as clean cut.

Take a look at http://www.linearcorp.com/pdf/literature/2GIG-Product-Catalog.pdf to see what options are available.

To Christopher, I would recommend using two separate power adapters and two separate cable runs. Should be easy to do, if you are short on outlet availability just use something like www.stetzerizer-us.com/assets/images/400-adapter.jpg (there are better options out there this is just an example). Using inadequate power levels could negatively effect the performance of the panel and possibly negatively impact it’s lifespan. (I am not an electrical engineer this is just my 2cents)

Thanks for all of the suggestions. Since I had already cut a hole in the wall for the new box from Amazon, I attempted to use it. Success. The entire power module fit inside the inset outlet. The 2gig Control Panel went over it perfectly. I don’t think the TS1 keypad will cover the entire box, but I will let you know if I come up with a solution for that.


To the questions regarding using one power supply for the control panel and TS1, I would strongly recommend not doing this.

The power requirements for the 2Gig panel are very closely matched to the output of the transformer. The previous poster is correct in expecting this could negatively impact the life of the product. It is a circumstance where you may be able to get away with it in 15% of cases, but there is no reason to gamble this.