2gig POTS Line Wiring Help Needed

I have a gocontrol2 with internal pots line not the module… shouldn’t matter

I need to wire the pots line to a standard phone line.

The phone line does not require an RJ31X takeover block and I won’t be using one.

What I need is the Pinout or layout of the connector in the 2gig Pots Port so I can crimp a RJ45 connector that fits the 2gig port on to a RJ11 phone line wire.

From what I understand the ring and tip are the primary wires needed and are the center two wires on the 2gig pots connector but I don’t really want to guess at this.

so idk sometimes i say things confusingly…

I got a 2gig with pots
I got a phone line
Need to crimp a 8wire RJ45 connector on the 4 wire phone line to make the connection.

I emailed 2Gig info@2gig.com 10 days ago and no response yet


See the attachment below from 2Gig regarding POTS wiring. You are correct in the Ring and Tip description, you also need the return line.

Keep in mind this isn’t a necessary secondary to a cell communicator, and it requires a land-line phone account which may otherwise not be needed.

POTS-Pin-Outs-Wiring-v1-1.pdf (257 KB)

Perhaps it is just me, but wouldn’t it be much easier to simply use a 2GIG-GCPOTS module which runs new from $13-$19?



wow … thanks so much

so many searches and I found nothing like your pdf

so simple the last page even has a picture.

I appreciate it

: )

My pleasure.

follow up

I made the RJ45 to RJ11 cable to plug the POTS adapter into my MagicJack

Works well… I can call in and check status and arm and disarm the system.

thanks again