When adding the sensor and trying to use the Learn function to add the serial number, it doesn’t seem to pick it up. The serial number also seems to have too many numbers on it so is this not supported?

Try backing out of programming and retry entering in to programming

The PIR1e is 2GIG’s new encrypted motion detector. It will only work if you have a GC2e which supports encrypted sensors.

Is there a way I can determine if I have the GC2e? I couldn’t find any system info from the console prompts.

The 2GIG GC2e series panel looks physically different. Do you have this one? That is the GC2e series.

For comparison this is the standard 2GIG GC2 panel.

That was it. I don’t have a GC2e panel so will have to swap out the sensor with the non-encrypted version. Thanks.