2GIG panel trouble with user codes in Alarm.com

I am trying to add a user to my alarm.com account with a code XXXX and it says “Code XXXX is invalid. It is already in use.”

How to do I add a user with this code?

Note: I have add many of users without issue. I have looked on the panel itself and it shows no user with that code and I have deleted that code from my front door lock so it should not be in the door lock.

As this code is not currently being used as a user code the likely culprit is this code is already being used as the installer code, which would prevent is from being used as a user code as well.

Unfortunately it is not the installer code as I know what the installer code is and it is not that. I believe the issue is this code was in my door lock which was installed before I install the 2GIG system this weekend and when I add the door lock to the 2GIG system it must have brought those codes over and even though I removed them from the door lock the 2GIG system thinks it is still in use. I had this same issue with the other door codes but was able to remove them from the door and readd them through the 2GIG panel (alarm.com) and get them to work, but this one last code appears to be in stuck state (alarm.com must think it is still on the door lock even though it is not).

I was able to recreate the issue you are seeing. In order to further troubleshoot, diagnostics need to be performed that require the panel to be disarmed. Is this possible to do now?

Is this a 5 push button lock? The code your trying to use is essentially already in your panel as the code shares the same buttons as an existing code in your panel. Therefore, it is essentially like trying to use the same code for 2 users