2Gig Panel Pairing on battery power

I have seen several references to “removing the panel and running on battery power” in order to get it closer to Zwave device being paired. I have an installed zwave power switch that is too far to pair and can’t really power it up near the panel so want to take your advice. However, when I open the panel, after it stops squawking at be about panel tampering, it is wired into the panel mount and looks like I need to remove wires to get it free. Is that what I am supposed to do? Seem like its going to get really upset then! Just worried about creating other problems. This is at my lake house so when I leave it needs to be working.


Do you mean there are more things wired in than the two power conductors in terminals 1 and 2?

Or are you referring to terminals 1 and 2?

In order to take the panel on battery power to a device, yes it needs to be disconnected from power cabling. You want to unplug the transformer first, then unscrew the terminals at the panel. Make sure the wire does not fall into the wall using tape/tying it to back-plate.

If you have more than two wires, post a photo of the terminal block and we can help with what those might be connected to.


I thought there were at least three and did not proceed since that seemed more than just power. I’ll be back to the Lakehouse this weekend and check.

Thanks as always for your quick response.