2gig panel not recognizing Honeywell PIR5800

Added as follows:

Hit logo, bottom right screen corner
Enter Installer code
system config

Right arrow till you see empty line
Hit down arrow
Change (00) unused to (04) Interior followerk K km I’m Oklahoma
Down arrow
Change to (2) motion
Down arrow
Down arrow
Learn (on serial screen hit shift, then learn)

Hangs at learn stage waiting for transmission. One sensor finally learned. 15 min! 9 to go - what gives?

How are you trying to signal the sensor in this mode? Is the motion detector idle and then you activate it in this mode, or are you tampering the sensor?

If its the former, you need to ensure the motion detector is idle (give it 2-3 minutes) before you attempt to activate it while learning it in in the step you indicated.

You can also manually add the TXID, but if you do this you’ll need to be sure the correct loop is selected (often it defaults if you learn it in by activating it) and you’ll need to test to make sure the motion is working after programming.