2GIG Panel noise

My panel has always had a loud click or pop whenever it makes a sound. I’ve looked a little for a resolution but didn’t find one. Do you have any suggestions?

Any similarity to the description of this issue?

Is your cellular antenna running over or nearby the 2Gig speaker?

Is the pop sound pronounced and does it ever not occur when noise is produced? (siren, chime, voice, etc.)

How long have you had this panel?

That thread sounds like the issue that I have. Can you send me an up mute command as well? My antenna runs over the back of the magnet to a pocket in the housing. Should I try dropping it into the wall?


Your panel will not have the mute function with this firmware I do not believe, I wanted to verify the issue was similar however. I would definitely suggest keeping that antenna cable away from the speaker, any signalling can produce crackle sounds. If you notice the noise consistently, try moving the cable and then test for a while and see if it affects what you are hearing.

Thanks Jason. I tried moving the antenna but it didn’t seem to help. I still get a pop just before the speaker makes a sound and then a second or two after. Almost like a relay closing and then opening. A mute function would make sense. Maybe I can flash an older firmware onto it, unmetered and then upgrade back to the current one?


I wouldn’t do that. I am speaking to ADC to see if we can still get the panel unmuted when not in use. They would need to send it as it is a default setting.

You will definitely want to make sure the antenna cable is away from the speaker if this is unmuted.

Can you test now? The mute setting should now be off.

That seems to have done it! I had noticed it stopped and came back to check the thread to see if you had fixed it or if my last rearrangement of the antenna did. Thanks for the help.