2GIG panel gone dark

I just noticed that my 2GIG panel has gone dark. Disconnecting battery and power cables doesn’t seem to make any difference. I get no activity when power is reconnected. I don’t recall anything unusual prior to this but the monitoring station says they haven’t seen any activity from my panel today.
What can be done to discern whether the panel is fixable or shot? TIA

It looks like the last successful signal Alarm.com received from the panel was around 2PM yesterday. There are a couple things to check before determining the panel is dead itself.

  1. Try removing the battery and transformer, then only plug in the transformer, no battery. Any change?
  2. Disconnect all power from the panel and remove the cell module inside. Then power up the panel without the battery or the cell module. Any luck?
  3. Finally, I don’t see any panel power loss or low battery alerts, but it may still be good to double check the transformer and make sure it is producing the expected voltage with a multimeter.

If the above does not help you likely have a hardware failure in the panel and would need to replace.

Power reset and disconnecting of wires/components seems to have fixed it for now. Thank you.
I’m going to want to upgrade the panel in the near future. Other than Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ what other panels/hubs do you support?

We currently only sell the IQ Panel 2+, but we support any Alarm.com compatible panel aside from the Iotega, the design of which precludes much DIY use.

Examples include:

Concord 4
Interlogix NX
Simon XT/XTi/XTi5

Ultimately we recommend the IQ Panel 2+ for its security and automation features (and speed of updates).