2Gig panel and Thin Door/Window contacts - trigger open but never close

Hi, new to the forums and alarms in general. I picked up a used Vivint Go! panel, flashed it to 1.10.1 and added a couple brand new Thin Door/Window Contacts (2GIG-DW10-345). The panel recognized them with no problem, I added them to the Perimiter and when performing a System Test, they trigger successfully. Thing is, they never clear the ‘open’ state. Once they trigger, the panel then always thinks they are opened and I can’t arm the system.

So, am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with my panel? Thanks!

I should add that I’ve now tried this with two sensors with two different panels (same firmware) with the same results. Once tripped, they never update the panel that they have been closed.

When you added them to the system did you program them as reporting on loop 2? The 2GIG-DW10-345’s report on loop 2, not loop 1. It should default to the correct loop if you learned them in but I’ve seen the behavior you’re describing when they’re programmed on the wrong loop.

Yuppers…you programmed them wrong. Loop2

Everything you need to DIY your 2GIG/Vivint panel:

Hit logo at bottom right of screen
Enter installer code
System configuration
Right arrow to blank sensor location
(01) entry delay[door] or (03) perimeter[window]
(0862) dw10
Learn serial (or hit shift then learn)
Pull magnet away from switch to get serial programmed
(0) new equip
Loop (2) 2
(0) disable dialer delay
Voice descriptor (codes: http://2gig.com/pdf/product-info/Cheat-Sheet(Z-WAVE).pdf)
(1) report enabled
(1) supervised enabled
(01) voice only

Yeah, that was it. Thanks for the help!