2gig pairing with Schlage BE469NX Issues

I have a 2gig panel running firmware v1.10.1 and a Schlage BE469 on Firmware 6.8 and manufactured in June of 2015. When I try pairing the two via z wave, the lock is verifying it’s “enrolled” but on the 2gig panel it says “security keypad door lock, inclusion incomplete!”. I have the two within inches of each other during the pairing process but no luck. I removed and added it multiple times and also tried Rediscovering the Network. After a while the message on the 2gig panel (when I access “door locks”) says “secure keypad door lock by: unknown manufacturer”. Really appreciate any insight other may have in getting the two paired up. Thanks!

Update your panel firmware.

See: https://suretyhome.com/forums/topic/firmware-1-13-and-known-issue-with-schlage-be469-locks-and-2gig-panels/

There were known issues with the locks and firmware 1.10/1.10.1 that were fixed with subsequent firmware updates.

It should be noted that the BE468 and BE469 are experiencing numerous communication issues with the 2GIG panel at the moment and do not work properly. This issue is currently being investigated by both ADC and 2GIG to hopefully come to a quick resolution