2gig motion sensor

My motion sensor dont seem to get recognized by the panel anymore
I changed the battery, the red light blinked slowely 3 times then faster 4 times and that s it.
Is that mean something? What can i do??
My problem started last week when i arm the panel, the alarm goes on after 2 minutes because of the motion sensor but no body in the house.
Thanks for the help

Are you a suretyDIY customer? If so we may be able to see more information on the back end.

If not, we will need a little bit more information to try and troubleshoot your issue.

  • Is the motion detector a 2GIG-PIR1-345 or is it a different make/model?
  • Does the motion detector trip the alarm every time you arm the system or is it intermittent?
  • Have you added anything else to the system recently?
  • What Type of batteries are you using and are they still within their Use By Date?

It s a 2gig-pir1-345

  • every time i arm the system
  • i didn t add nothing but i changed the central to wich i am connect. So the tech re did the whole configuration i think.
  • i called them, they said it s a issue with the sensor because the system worked well for a few days
  • i just changed the battery to a new one last week cause we though that was the issue… Thanks

It sounds like if the sensor is causing an alarm as soon as the panel is armed, the sensor signals could be getting delayed and the panel is not receiving a closed signal.

If you tamper the motion detector (at the location the motion is installed) does the tamper register at the panel?

If it does not register a tamper, try moving the sensor closer to the panel and then tamper the motion. If the panel responds to the tamper when the motion is closer but not at the install location this could be indicative of a signalling issue.

The detector was installed there 3 years ago and never had an issue with it.
But i m willing to try, how am i suppose to tamper the detector and what i am suppose to see in the panel? Thanks again

No Problem! Take out the screw from the mounting plate on the Motion Detector then slide the unit off of the backing just like you did when you replaced the battery.

There will be a little black switch on the inside that is normally held down when the unit is put together correctly.

Ideally this should cause a tamper and a notification should show on the panel’s screen. The notification will appear in the same place that other sensor notifications do.

I just did, nothing happens, no notifications at all.
Also i armed the system, wainted few minutes, got in front of the detector and the alarm didn t go on!!!

Did you move the motion detector closer to the panel and tamper it again? Did you get the same result?

Once the motion detector senses motion it takes about 3 minutes before it will register motion again. This is normal operating procedure for these detectors to save on battery life.