2GIG Low Temperature Sensor Threshold

What is the low temperature threshold on my low temp sensor?

Happy to help! Records indicate that you are referring to a 2GIG SMKT3-345 Smoke detector correct?

Should you be utilizing the low temp detector loop 3, the low temp threshold should be the sensor detects 40 degrees or below for a period of time.

I have another related question.

Today this same model sensor in my basement tripped (apparently) at 44.8. I have a recording thermometer in the basement and that’s the lowest it’s been. OK, the trip was a few degrees high and that’s OK. This is an unheated basement, and the outside temp went down as low a -6. So I don’t mind that it tripped a few degrees above 40. If I want to know the exact temp in the basement I’ll have to find another way to check it remotely.

To avoid necessary alarms I disabled supervision for only the freeze instance of this sensor. Is that the correct way to do it? I left reporting enabled.

In the meantime, I still want smoke and heat detection and alarm from this sensor. So I left supervision for the other two sensor instances for smoke and heat enabled.

To avoid necessary alarms I disabled supervision for only the freeze instance of this sensor. Is that the correct way to do it? I left reporting enabled.

Supervision is just the periodic heartbeat signal from the sensor to let the panel know it is functional. It does not influence alarms. To remove a zone completely so it does not activate any alarms you would want to set the first parameter (Zone Type) from Aux Alarm to ‘Unused.’

When set at Unused, the panel will ignore any signals from that zone.

OK. I’m back at my primary location now. Can someone set the correct sensor configuration for me so I can arm the panel again and not worry about freeze alerts? If you can I’ll provide the necessary details.

Round trip to my remote home is 3 hours.

Certainly, if you are unable to do so, we would be happy to help!

You can submit a secure message here and please include the name of the zone you wish to have disabled, system location, and reference this thread in your secure message. One of our team members will confirm via email when complete.

Great! I’ll do that in a minute. Thanks Jason!

I didn’t have the manuals there with me today so I was trying configuration from memory.

By the way, we received the secure message and it mentioned wanting to get notifications still for that zone. If you want to set up notifications but no alarms the zone type would be different (23) No Response Type, and would be an option. Would you like that instead? I can set that for you

That would allow chimes and sensor activity notifications through ADC but would never set off an alarm.

That would be perfect. Thanks!

I have data and good reason to believe that this unheated basement will never actually get to 32 degrees. But since the sensor’s there I would like it to tell me if it’s got down in the 40’s.

Great service Jason.

Alright, I’ve sent that command. It will show up as a contact and you can select it in notifications as a sensor to monitor. You will want to login to Alarm.com and create a notification for that zone.

Will do! Let the winter freeze on!

Just a follow up. I saw the config changes, set the notifications, armed the system and voila! I’m getting low temp notifications and no alarms.

Thanks again Jason, and Happy (and Safe) New Year!