2gig Loop Numbers and Basic Setup (Reprogramming New Control Panel)

Hello All,

I have a partially existing system with a very old 2gig Control Panel. I’ve recently added in 20+ sensors, and when I added in a 2gig TS1, even with both on 1.13 fireware, they’re not compatible.
(All fully debugged and sorted out here on this amazing forum!)

So I grabbed a brand new 2gig CP. Did everything to replace the old one.
(In fact, we even did a “back up” of the old one, although it mostly failed and only the sensor names were brought over into the new CP.)

So I will be re-programming it today. All sensors are already working & fully tested out as of the past few weeks…so any errors that come up are going to be in this step of me programming the new CP from scratch.
(Minus the sensor names themselves…which I’m grateful at least those came over as they were pretty time intensive and along with the serial numbers, were what took the most time programming in the first time)

PS - The cell phone test worked on my brand new 3G cell module, and I also have a new 900 MHz Transceiver installed.

So now to my questions. If you can help me answer as much of this as possible, it would save me many minutes/hours of install/debug time today.

I extend my gratitude in advance for your help!

I currently have the following equipment:
a - 2gig window/door sensors, on perimeter windows.
b - 2gig window/door sensors, on main entry/exit doors.
c - 2gig window/door sensors, on perimeter entry/exit doors.
d - 2gig Passive Infrared Motion Detectors (2GIG-PIR1-345)
e - Honeywell 5853 GB Detector.
f - Ademco/HW door sensor. (Not sure on model, was previously installed. It spans a 4-6" custom door install)
g - Ademco/HW motion sensor. (Not sure on model, was installed when we moved in)

  1. What loop #'s should I set for all of them?

  2. What equipment codes should I set for the existing Ademco/HW devices? (Just f & g - I know for e as I purchased it myself.)

  3. Will I be able to do a “Shift -> Learn” for the serial numbers for the motion detectors? If so, how? If not, any advice on how to best learn/program these in?

  4. Considering I just setup service with Surety, and that I have a mix of older equipment, and some just a few weeks “old”, what “Equipment Age” do I set for all of the sensors? How do I determine which is old or new?
    (All “new” because new to Surety, or all based on physical equipment age/install date, or etc.)

  5. …and I’ve never known how to correctly set any of these:
    5a) Dialer Delay
    5b) Sensor Reports
    5c) Dialer Supervised

Thank you for any/all input you can provide!

b/c. What sensors on doors (e.g., dw10, dw20)?

as for loop it depends, on how it is installed, but if its just sensor itself:

Pir loop1
Perimeter Dw10 0862: loop 2
Dw20 0863: loop 1

A DW10 wired with lead to say a overhead garage door reed switch is loop 1

To learn, tamper the device or move it away from magnet

Dialer: disabled
reports: enabled
Supervised: enabled

1: Loops:

a. 2 (recessed 1)
b. 2 (recessed 1)
c. 2 (recessed 1)
d. 1
e. 1
f. 2
g. 1

2: You can use the “Existing Door Sensor/Existing Motion Detector”

3: Yes, and it will be easiest to tamper them (open their back cover) to learn them in.

4: Equipment age is pretty irrelevant. Mostly used for vendors to keep track of which sensors they installed vs. which were reused. I’m not sure many even use it.


a. Dialer delay is a delay period (default 30 seconds) after the siren sounds before a signal is forwarded to the central station. 2GIG allows you to disable this on a per sensor basis. We recommend disabling.
b. Sensor Reports you will want enabled.
c. Supervision is a check in signal made roughly every hour depending on the sensor which can be used as a warning where signals may be weak or interference is possible. Supervision errors can also arise from having a large number of sensors - nearing the 48 zone max. Should be enabled.

4: Equipment age is pretty irrelevant. Mostly used for vendors to keep track of which sensors they installed vs. which were reused. I’m not sure many even use it

I use equipment age when I program panels.

Here is how I do it:

If a sensor is multi-zone, loop1 is “new”, any subsequent loops/zones are “existing” (as the sensor itself is already programmed to panel and “exists”)

I can see it also being used for TAKE zones (wired) all wired zones are “existing”

Example is a 2GIG-SMKT3

Smoke loop1 new
Heat loop2 existing
Freeze aux loop3 existing

Same for a 2GIG-DW10 (if using both loops say for a shock)
Loop1 new shock/GB
Loop2 existing window

Thanks for the help all…I’m finally back up & everything re-setup!

PS - The only difference from the above advice is that I had to put the existing Ademco/HW door sensor on loop #1.
When I was trying it on loop #2, it would trigger upon door open, but then never react upon door close.
(So it would permanently read “door open” after initial trigger)

(I’m only adding this in for anyone else that finds this and is doing something similar in their own setup)

Thanks again for your help guys!

Ah, good to know. Would you be able to provide the model number? Most standard DW surface contacts would be 2.

You bet Jason - let me know if this picture helps identify what model it is.
(I was just going off of old paperwork I inherited from a previous system owner, set by a previous alarm company…)

I can get you more picture/info if needed.

Ah, I see. Yes, it looks like that is using the wired sensor input which would be loop 1. The standard reed switch would be 2