2gig installer code. Alarmforce canada

Bought Alarmforce 2gig system , master code 1111 work fine after hard reset but to use z wave installer code doesnt work as 1561 or 0000.0001 2
203 ect. Plz help.

Note that suretyDIY does not currently provide service in Canada.

If you currently have a service provider, be sure to contact them and request the installer code. They may also be able to change it for you remotely.

If you do not have a service provider and the panel is unmonitored, you could try performing a reset. Note that this will default all settings if successful, as well as clear zones. Resets may have been locked by the prior provider, so if the process does not work, it would be locked and you would want to find a service provider in your area who will unlock programming for you.

Do not try to default the panel with a reset if you currently have a service provider.