2GIG Image Sensor PIR Motion Detector

is there a higher resolution version in the works? I want this since I have the gold package. But 320zXXX resolution is pretty poor.

Nope. not as far as I know.

The res isn’t too bad. In any event, the IS isn’t meant to function as a standalone camera (optimal range is approx. 20’). If you want HD res, then I suggest an HD camera (520;520IR;620PT;720;720W;721W;820).

The primary purpose of the IS is to function as a Passive Infared Motion Detector that “captures” the motion that triggers it.

I’m not aware of a higher res version in the works.

The Image Sensor is a balance of functions. It uses cellular comms for reliability, but a lower res for smaller data packets and quicker transfer.

thanks guys. Just wondering before I pulled the trigger

Does anyone know of this model is compatible? It looks to be hardwired


it is the second gen 2GIG IS (ADC-IS-200-GC)

Yes it is compatible if you use 2GIG, it is not actually hardwired. It does have a plug interface but this is used by the manufacturer.

Nice thanks guys!