2GIG Go3.0 panel coming

New 2GIG 3.0 panel to be unveiled at ISC…

2gig Go3.0


I’m bummed I won’t be at ISC, but our President, Ryan Boder, will be. Can’t wait to get his take on this release!

You can see the home and emergency buttons to the right…looks like They took the TS1 design, and made it into a full sized panel with a screen similar to the Ill-fated Go2.0

Also a tad bit Qolsys-like. I’m excited to see what some good competition between 2GIG and Qolsys might produce in the way of pushing updates and added features.

I’m not in the loop, what happened to the 2.0 panel?

Any wild speculations regarding features with the 3.0 panel?

Go 2.0 won the ESX 2012 Maximum Impact Award and seemed like it was going to be a big deal. It had a lot of functionality packed into it including a built-in DVR. Then market research showed all that extra functionality made it cost too much and priced it out of the main stream market so 2GIG never mass produced it. Instead they sold the design to Vivint in early 2013 and started working on Go 3.0. Go 3.0 supposedly has all the functionality of Go 2.0 and then some, but it’s more modular so the base panel is lower cost but you can add on additional hardware modules as needed for additional features. I can’t share what features it will have but it’s scheduled to be unveiled next month at ISC West. I doubt it will be available for purchase until the end of the year though.

Here is the illfated 2GIG Go2.0 that Blackstone gave to Vivint (during the time that Blackstone for a short while owned both Vivint and 2GIG, and prior to Blackstone selling 2GIG to Nortek/Linear)