2Gig Go Panel

I was in the process of updating the firmware on a 2Gig control panel (formerly Vivint) that was in place at a house I just bought so that I could replace the modem. When I unplugged the battery power to the panel so that I could plug in the USB cable, the panel stayed dead. I’ve tried reconnecting the battery power and connecting to the outlet, but neither works. Has anyone ever ran into this and am I SOL?

When I unplugged the battery power to the panel so that I could plug in the USB cable, the panel stayed dead.

We are missing a few steps here. Just to clarify, did you do the following:

  1. Start Update Software
  2. Power down panel
  3. Plug in Update Cable to panel
  4. Plug in panel power supply

Did you double check to make sure all four pins were connected? Was the panel still mounted to the wall when performing the update? Also double check to make sure the power cable wires were not snagged and loosened from the terminal block inside the 2GIG Panel. Depending on the wire gauge, this can happen pretty easily if there is not enough slack on the wire.


Thanks for the reply. That’s exactly what I did, but in step 4, I plugged in the battery pack, not AC power. Now the panel won’t function on either battery power nor AC power. I’ve checked the contacts on both and can’t see anything wrong. Afraid I may have shorted something and fried the panel.

It is possible the panel was damaged if it will no longer power on. If you have checked the wiring and everything is secure, one last thing to check is whether or not the update program recognizes the panel after you plug it in at this point. If the update program shows “No Panel” after performing the standard update steps, it does sound like the panel is damaged.

That’s what I was afraid of. Oh well, I’ll go ahead and order another and hopefully get it up and running before we take off next week to Christmas. Thanks for the help Jason.

Is it possible to return the Takeover quick start kit that I bought and buy a normal quick start kit since I no longer have the ability to take over the Vivint panel? That would be much cheaper for me and I haven’t taken any of the sensors out of their packaging or anything.

The pricing does not change on the kit, they are more bundled for convenience. A module would be required with the panel, so you could use the existing module. I would typically recommend having an update cable, but if you were interested in our return policy you can find it here on our website.