2GIG go not detecting any existing recessed sensor

I got a new house with 2GIG go and everything was working - I can see small round thin (less than a inch) sensors under every window and inside one of the three doors. In addition, house had two thin contact type and motion sensors.

I did some boo-boo and that burned the screen of my existing 2GIG panel. I purchased a new 2gig 2GIG-CP21-345E from Amazon and installed it. I am currently programming it.

Programming existing two thin contact types was piece of cake and the panel auto-learnt their IDs. But it is not detecting any of the existing recessed types. It is very unlikely that ALL 10 of the existing recessed type sensors lost power at same type. When it comes to shift-learn, i open the door or window with sensor installed, it does not get its ID. I tried many equipment codes but no success.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Are you sure they are wireless sensors? Might they have been used with a takeover module with the previous panel?

Take a picture of your recessed door and window sensors

Amanda, You hit the nail on the head. There was an old box inside with takeover module and looks like the whole house is wired with sensors. Now i will have to program each into a new zone.

Thanks a lot !! you guys are awesome !!