2GIG Go!Bridge available now

I don’t know if Suretycam has yet made the Go!Bridge available, but you can get it here.

The Go!Bridge for broadband internet connectivity runs $84 http://buy2gig.com/Go-Bridge.html

We have just gotten ours in. They are expected to be added to our website over the weekend. I’ll post back with a link with a product link after this happens.

What does the go bridge allow the panel to do? I know it will send signals to central station via Ethernet, would that be primary and cell only be used as backup it vice versa? How does this work? It also had free firmware upgraded would that be automatic? Would 2 way voice still work with the Ethernet ?

Thank you

Both cellular and IP would be primary. 2GIG sends each signal via both communication paths at the same time. 2-way voice would still work but only along the cellular path, not the IP path. The main differences would be higher security & reliability as well as almost instantaneous remote commands.

The main advantage I see is that a “new” user can forgo the need for a cellular module if they so desire (most do not care about 2way voice).

This has the potential to open up a lot of new markets since one isnt dependent on Rogers, Tmobile, ATT, or Verizon, etc

All you need is broadband internet connection which nearly everyone has. IP monitoring is also usually cheaper than cellular, and it uses a customers own connection (lower overhead cost).

Unfortunately no, a cellular module is still required. From Alarm.com’s perspective (and mine) the cellular connection is ultimately the most reliable.

Signals may transfer quickly over IP, but are more likely to fail, the infrastructure is not as sound from one home to the next, and problems occurring are generally not treated with the same urgency. It is likely that considering the internet as a service is far more customer controlled once it enters the home (endless third-party devices, a large variety of service providers and methods) it is simply viewed as a far less controlled system.

The IP bridge will act as a concurrent backup and a method of faster command transfer.

Considering buying a Bridge today… any ETA?

I’m being told the Go!Bridge should be available here at suretyDIY by tomorrow.

Not very comfortable with idea of connecting Security system to the www
If it’s not broken, why fix it

It’s not necessarily a fix. Having a backup (concurrent) for the communications channel is simply a way of further improving reliability as well as adding a method of faster command travel. It’s not a necessity of course, but certain cellular coverage areas where signals are low would certainly benefit a great deal.

Available here - https://suretyhome.com/product/2gig-gobridge-ip-communicator-2gig-brdg1-900/

Love the bridge! Commands come through like magic! :slight_smile: