2GIG-GDR1-345 Question

Looking at the store it says that the 4-button remote is required. I’m wondering if this will allow me to control the garage from the alarm.com app. I currently use a magnetic door contact to know if it’s open/closed, but didn’t know if this could be used without the remote despite what the store says.

No, the 2GIG-GDR1-345 will only let you open/close your garage door with the 2GIG keyfob. While it would have been technically pretty easy to make the 2GIG-GDR1-345 let you control the garage door from Alarm.com it would not be safe. The Liftmaster MyQ solution is the only way to control your garage door from Alarm.com. It’s the only UL Listed and safe way to close a garage door remotely because it alerts anyone in the garage that the door is about to close by beeping and flashing.