2gig GC3 + zwave dimmer

I am new to ADC and automation products. I am interested in adding a few zwave products to the GC3, one being light dimmers. I realize that the GC3 is new and might not be compatible with many zwave products as of yet (3/2016), but I haven’t read anywhere on it’s ability to specifically work with either the Nortek dimmers, such as WD500Z-1, or the GE (Jasco) 12724. Both of these I believe are compatible with the GoControl (GC2) and I would think are simple enough to include in the GC3.

Does anyone know whether these dimmers will work with the GC3? And if so will they also be available in ADC?

Second is there any way to know if a zwave device will work with the GC3 prior to actually trying to link it? A current compatibility list? Thanks for any help.

I haven’t found a 2GIG confirmed compatibility list for the GC3. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of official info at this point.

We know that the ADCT2000 is not 100% compatible.

Yale and Schlage Locks are not yet fully compatible.

Linear Garage opener is not yet fully compatible.

Of the different types of devices, light switches and dimmers should have the least trouble, as each model is essentially identical from a transmission standpoint.