2GIG GC3 Verizon cdma cellular module


I have a 2GIG GC3 alarm system with a Verizon CDMA cellular module. I heard that Verizon is sun setting their 3G network by end of year. Do I have to upgrade to the LTE cellular module before end of year? If not, do you know when is the expiration date? Thank you.

3G cellular modules for Verizon and AT&T will be sunset completely in 2022. However leading up to the official sunset some areas will experience decreased coverage due to carriers reallocating resources. We recommend replacing the module sooner than 2022, or as soon as you experience signaling issues.

4G LTE cell sleds require the panel to be at firmware 3.1.3 or higher in order to be compatible.

Firmware is updated via USB drive locally (FW file saved in the root directory of a USB drive with no partitions)

We offer the 2GIG 4G LTE Verizon cell sled via our storefront.