2GIG GC3 - Schlage BE469 Issue


I just set up my GC3 panel and was able to pair my Schlage BE469 lock with the 2gig system. Initially, alarm.com recognized the lock and provided me with an unlock button under emPower, however when I clicked the unlock button, it would say it was sending an unlock code to the lock and the little spinning thing would just keep going and nothing would happen with my lock. I saw where another thread recommended removing the lock from the network and then re-adding it, so I did that, but now under the emPower menu alarm.com says a secure connection was not established with the lock and directs me to remove the device from the network and add it back. I have done this several more times but keep getting this message.

GC3 panel and was able to pair my Schlage BE469

The only officially compatible locks with the GC3 at the current time are the Kwikset models. We anticipate further support being added by firmware soon.

That said we have heard a mixture of success and failure with other models depending on the lock. Have you tried performing a factory reset on the lock and re-adding? If this does not show any change, the panel and lock appear to be unable to complete the initial secure connection and exchange keys and this would require firmware.