2gig GC3 not setting off alarm with Honeywell 5853 glass break

I recently installed a new 2Gig Gc3 control panel along with some Honeywell 5853 glass break sensors.

I used the Honeywell FG-701 to test and adjust the 5853 sensors and they all tested fine.

I then configured the 5853 sensors to the 2Gig GC3 with the following settings (note: The GC3 did pick up/Enroll the serial # so I did not have to manually enter them).

GC3 5853 settings;
Sensor Type - 03-Perimeter
Equipment Code - 0519 - HW Glass Break “5853”
Loop 1
Transmission delay - disabled
Sensor reports - enabled
Sensor supervision - enabled
Chime - Disabled

I put the GC3 in Armed (Stay) and then use the FG-701 to simulate a Glass Break and noting happens. Shouldn’t the GC3 recognize the Alarm situation?

Did I set something incorrectly or do something wrong? Help.

One additional comment.

When I use learn mode in the panel to enter/transmit the serial number to the panel, the panel picks it up fine but sets the zone to loop 2. This seemed odd to me. It set the zone to loop2 for all of my 5853 sensors. I tried testing the panel by setting the 5853 sensor setting in the panel to loop1 and then to loop2. In both situations, it does not set off the alarm when I arm the panel (Stay mode) and use the FG-701 to simulate a glass Break.

Also, all of my Honeywell 5898 motion sensors seem to be working fine.

I am just encountering problems with my Honeywell 5853 Glass Break sensors.

Loop 1 is correct for that sensor.

How are you using the FG701 to test? Are you using flex mode and striking a window?

I used the Honeywell FG-701 to test and adjust the 5853 sensors and they all tested fine.

Were these tested in place? Were the 5853’s installed and the FG701 held near the intended windows?

The 5853 has a sensitivity selection as well. Have you tried increasing the sensitivity on the detectors? What is it currently set to?