2gig gc3 default without installer code

Came home today to my CG3 white screened. Powered it down and back on and now it has removed all my user codes and all sensors but one door contact. The installer code no longer works with any code even the factory default . The default 1111 code is there for a user tho? I never set Q3 to allow master default from hard reset so what can i do? Am i screwed?

Hmm, I do not see a related suretyDIY service subscription. Do you currently use suretyDIY for service? Your current Alarm.com service provider (if you have one) should be able to reset your Installer code for you if they do not have any policy against that.

That is a strange error, if you do not have a provider you might try performing a reset via the attached instructions. You do not need to have changed Q3. By default it is set to allow reset. You or your provider would have to have changed that for default to fail.