2gig GC3 Console: Tamper

For no know reason, my panel has started giving random Alerts for Console: Tamper… please advise if this is a known issue and how to resolve it.

The other day I set my alarm and upon returning and inputting the correct code, it immediately called monitoring I assume due to that panel tamper alarm…

Thank you,

Sorry, it’s a 2gig GC3… build version 6653 and Firmware version 3.2.1

Panel/console tamper means the tamper switch on the control panel isn’t being held closed reliably. It sounds like its borderline which is causing it to trigger over and over. Can you ensure the panel is closed securely? Also make sure the tamper switch isn’t damaged.

How do I do that? Should I remove and replace that panel?

You don’t need to replace it. Just open it and check the tamper switch. Makes sure the cover is securely fastened to hold the switch down.

Right, I just meant remove(open) the panel from the back mounting plate and put it back…iI did that and it seems to have stopped the Alerts. I did notice that the battery seems to be bulging a little…is that normal or should I replace that (about 3 years old)?

Can you post a photo it they usually last 3-5 years some where

If the battery is visibly pillowed out it may even be the cause of the tamper issue, placing pressure on the mounting plate.

I would replace if it is pillowed.