2gig GC3 black screen

Came home today and the GC3 screen wouldn’t wake up. There were no sensor announcements during triggers, but the button LEDs were lit and turned off when touched. I was also able to send remote commands from the app.

Reading a few of the posts, here I did a manual power cycle by disconnecting the transformer and battery, waiting 10 min, and plugging everything back in. The square button blinked orange a few time then changed green and nothing ever came on the display it had some backlight then went completely off. I also don’t seem to have immediate remote control through the app anymore.

Any ideas?

Edit: I want to add the only thing I did differently today was I was having network issues and forgot my WiFi network from the panel since the broadband failure was beeping every few minutes.

Also at what point is ADC supposed alert that there is no communication from the panel? It has been 2 hours since I did the original power cycle and lost communication from the panel and no issue is being reported from ADC.

Records indicate that your panel is currently not responding. When powering down, did you change the wiring or unplug the transformer from the wall? You will want to check the wiring to ensure there are no shorts and everything is firmly attached.

After checking, you’ll want to power the panel back down, transformer first then battery, then remove the cellular sled completely. Next power the panel back up battery first then transformer. Does it come on?
Next, power down again completely and re insert the cell sled and power off, does the panel come on now?

at what point is ADC supposed alert that there is no communication from the panel?
An Alarm.com panel not responding notification will naturally come later than the panel, as ADC must ping the panel and determine that communication has been down for a while. on Gold accounts, this is roughly a 6 hour interval.

I unplugged the transformer when powering down and removed the battery and then the cell sled. I reattached the battery and plugged in the transformer and there was no boot up, just back lit screen and buttons.

I’m not sure if you will be able to see this video, but I am uploading a short clip.

VIDEO0078.3gp (287 KB)

Were you able to confirm if the wiring was in place correctly? any loose wires/contacts?

The wiring is fine with 14vdc at the panel.

At this point I don’t mind a factory reset or something like that. Is there a way to do that on the hardware with a switch or something.

Before trying something like a factory reset, try powering the panel down completely for about an hour then powering back up. Any change?

If not try two full power cycles back to back. Wait at least a minute during each power cycle. Any Change?

Lastly, have there been any breakers flipped, work done to the house, storms or power outages?

I did a long power down cycle overnight, which was over 8 hours disconnected from ac and battery. It never showed a boot screen when reconnected.

No breakers flipped or storms.

I power cycled twice and no change.

You can attempt a factory reset at the panel. You will obviously have to re learn sensors etc if this should work.

Start by powering down the panel completely wait 30 seconds then power the panel back up. While re-aplying power, hold the two face buttons for about 20 seconds or so until the screen comes on then let go. Any Change?

I attempted to press both buttons and plug in and it didn’t do anything different than the original problem boot. Blinking orange white and it turns to solid green white. I held it for about 30 secs.the screen never displays anything.

If nothing else works, can this be replaced under warranty?

GC3 alarm panels carry a 1 year manufacturer warranty. For our warranty process, see this page.

Other than double checking power supply wire polarity and ensuring that there are no shorts, it may be a dead panel.

Would there perhaps be any debris or moisture damage from any house activity? The GC3 has air vents along the top and should typically not be placed in a kitchen, etc.

Also be sure the small ribbon cable near the corner of the battery is secured in place and not loose or damaged.

Nothing was out of the ordinary. It is not mounted in the kitchen and the vents are not blocked. I came home and the screen wouldn’t wake up and the touch was not responding.
There are a few switches SW1, SW4 or maybe shorting a jumper, is there is another way to reset it rather than pushing the two front buttons?

I thought the GC3 came with a 2 year warranty according to some Nortek documents.

Warranty info on the GC3 can be found in the quick guide on page 23.

Both the SP1 and GC3 carry a 1-year warranty. Some sensors do carry a 2-year warranty, but that is by model.

There are a few switches SW1, SW4 or maybe shorting a jumper, is there is another way to reset it rather than pushing the two front buttons?

I’ll triple check with 2GIG, but other than that you would be looking at panel factory default option in the menu, but without screen access that cannot be attempted.

After all the troubleshooting I would presume the panel to have damage of some sort or dead hardware.

Hi David,

I’m having some of the same symptoms, what became of your issue in the end?