2GIG GC3 and Linear GD00Z-4 Garage Sensor


I saw a few questions before on this topic. I can confirm after installation that the GC3 panel works with the Linear garage door sensor and it is compatible with the Alarm.com app. I can see the status and control on the app just fine. Hope that helps anyone interested in adding this functionality for monitoring open garage doors. Cheers!

Thanks for the update!

I tried to do a link to the GC3 with the Linear GD00Z-4 and it said unknown device. Is there anything special you did. What does it show as the device name?

That is interesting, I haven’t seen one work yet. There are no different software or build versions yet, so may be an intermittent issue that needs resolved. There are always performance tweaks that accompany early firmware, and 2GIG support won’t really be helpful until the devs claim full support for the product integration.

For the one that is not currently working, did you learn in the z-wave device close by the panel?

So I tried to connect the Linear GD00Z-4 to the 2gig GC3 again to try and see what would happen. I did it as close to the panel as I could given the outlet availability. The device name showed up as ‘Unknown Device’ again, the same as before. It did not allow any functionality with the GC3 panel itself, for example with scenes or under any of the smarthome tabs on the GC3.
This time I actually looked at the ADC app and I did see the device listed as a garage opener. I tested it and was able to open and close the garage and see the open close status on the ADC app only.
It doesn’t seem to be supported within the panel itself yet, but ADC does appear to recognize the device and have control on it. Can something like that happen where the panel doesn’t recognize the device but ADC is able to?

Can something like that happen where the panel doesn’t recognize the device but ADC is able to?

That is kind of strange, but I suppose the panel may not have the framework for Garage Controllers built into its home automation software, but the radio can communicate with the device and it can pass along the info to ADC. I would be hesitant however, as it is not yet officially supported.